Managing Director’s Statement

مدیرعامل Today, I am delighted to serve a bank that pioneers private banking in Iran. This bank commenced its operations as a private financial institution with the objective of serving the general public, eighteen years ago. Karafarin Bank continues on this path despite all upcoming challenges.
With the emergence of digital technology, also known as the third industrial revolution, banking has become essentially different to that of two decades ago. Indeed, digital technology has profoundly changed all aspects of life, including the economy and henceforth, the banking industry. As a result of technological advancement, especially in the past decade, the future of banking industry has become highly dependent on the development of electronic banking. Hence, in following its motto “Global Knowledge, Local Solutions”, Karafarin Bank aims to further enhance its services, especially those services concerned with electronic banking. With God’s help and the support of my dedicated and honest employees, I (as the highest executive authority of the Bank) shall make my best endevour to meet this objective.
In general, banking principles and regulations are becoming increasingly tougher and more demanding throughout the globe. Thus, the business of banking and management of small and big firms has become a more difficult task.
International laws require that we act with more awareness and to comply with global standards and regulations in order to enhance our current position and to participate in an increasingly competitive environment. I do hope that during the period in which I hold this position, we comply with international standards, laws and regulations more than ever before, so that we become and more recognised on the international arena.
At Karafarin Bank, our vision is to become an agile, pioneering bank in comprehensive solutions. And based on our strategic statement, our mission is to endevour towards improving our business position via offering comprehensive financial solutions to our customers and to creating sustainable wealth for our beneficiaries. Our fundamental values include: integration, innovation, empowerment of management and workforce, customer orientation, productivity and social responsibilities. I hope that during my term as managing director, these values are upheld even more than before and I am certain that with your support, I shall succeed in sustaining our position as a pioneering, reputable, credible and law abiding bank.

Hamid Tehranfar
Managing Director of Karafarin Bank