Karafarin Abnieh-Gostar Company

شرکت ابنیه‌گستر کارآفرین Established on 19 Oct. 2010 under the registration number of 386860 and national ID of 10320378127 at Tehran Companies Registration Organization, Abnie Gostar Construction Company operates in the following fields of activity (according to Article 2 of its Article of Association):

  • Investment, engagement in partnership, construction and carrying out all permissible trading transactions, contracting of industrial towns and business, office and residential buildings within the country or in abroad.
  • Purchasing land and other requirements for the construction of the abovementioned buildings in compliance with the Iranian current rules and regulations.
  • Procuring required material.
  • Importing any goods required by the Company.
  • Designing and drafting plans and rendering consulting services as well as supervising construction projects.
  • Investing and trading securities.
  • Obtaining agencies from international and domestic companies operating the above fields of activity, establishing branches and agencies within the country and abroad.
  • Establishing companies, engaging in partnerships with companies and membership of all associations, organisations, unions and consortiums or any legal organization operating in the above sectors whether in Iran or abroad.
  • Carrying out financial and business operations and transactions directly or indirectly which related to the above activities.

Abnie Gostar Construction Company’s objectives are as follows:

  • Being included among Iran’s top companies in terms of rendering high-quality engineering services, investing in management in construction, within the next five years.
  • Obtaining domestic and international standard certificates (ISO) related to the Company’s activities.
  • Fulfilling the criteria for entering the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) and Over-the-Counter Market (OTC) by transferring into a public joint stock company.
  • Improve the financial structure and competing with similar big companies and engaging in partnerships in implementing domestic and international projects.

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 53, Behzadi St., Ejazi St., Zaferaniyeh, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: + 98 21 2241 8929
Facsimile: + 98 21 2241 9011