Karafarin Bank Brokerage Company

شرکت کارگزاری کارآفرینKarafarin Brokerage Company which commenced its operations in the stock, commodity and energy exchanges in 2007 is Iran’s very first investment fund.
The Company is permitted by its Articles of Association to carry out the following tasks:
• Brokerage services/trading and market making such as:
o Trading securities including shares, bonds, etc.
o Commodity trading for and on behalf of other parties.
o Market making of bonds and listed commodities.
• Financial and consulting services including:
o Investment fund management.
o Marketing bonds.
o Bonds market making.
o Advisory services and carrying out initial public offering (IPO) of bonds or commodity on stock markets on behalf of issuers or suppliers of commodities within Iran or abroad.
In order to minimise its investment risks, Karafarin Brokerage Company has established four firms. Such as: Karafarin Brokerage Mutual Fund, Arman Karafarin Company, Karafarin Index Company as well as Amin Karafarin Company, the latter of which Karafarin Bank fully owns.

Address: No. 8, Saba Boulevard, North Africa Street, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98 21 22655911
Fax: +98 21 22655912
Web: www.karafarinbrokerage.ir