Karafarin Insurance Cmpany

شرکت بیمه کارآفرینEstablished in 2002-03 period in the Iranian solar calendar, Karafarin Insurance Company is among the first private insurance companies to commence operations since the 1979 Revolution. The company aims to change Iran’s outdated structure of insurance industry. Main fields of activity include:
• To offer life and other insurance services.
• To engage in investment.
• To accept reinsurance from domestic insurance companies.
This company aims to offer insurance policies and reinsurance coverages in reference to issue insurance policies in the future.
Furthermore, Karafarin Insurance Company intends to achieve sustainable development and innovation in this industry, corporate governance, customer orientation, offer high-quality insurance services through state-of-the-art instruments, innovation, development of new projects to answer the needs of a modern society, provide constant personnel training, etc.
Karafarin Bank holds a 20% ownership stake in this company.

Address: No. 9, 17th Street, Ahmad Ghasir Street, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98 21 88723830
Fax: +98 21 88723840
Web: www.karafarin-insurance.ir