Karafarin Leasing Cmpany

شرکت لیزینگ کارآفرینEstablished in 2004-05 period in the Iranian solar calendar, following an agreement between International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). Karafarin Leasing Company is essentially engaged in leasing operations, cash and instalment sales and hire-purchase transactions, obtaining agencies from companies, manufacturing of machineries and durable commodities as well as investing in the above fields of activity. The main mission of the company is to contribute to government policies in helping sustain national capital via replacing machinery, creating employment, expanding the sale of products, boosting purchasing power of capital products for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of specialists in various industrial sectors, etc.
This company is specialised in the following leasing services:
• Equipment supply for investment projects.
• Civil and mining equipment.
• Machinery, installations and equipment.
• Medical equipment.
• Heavy and semi-heavy vehicles.
• High-enduring consumable products.
• Intangible assets.
• Luxury vehicles.

Address: Units 13 & 14, 8th Floor, No. 8, Saba Boulevard, Tehran, Iran.
Telefax: +98 21 22654671
Web: www.klc-int.com