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Mobile Bank

Karafarin Bank has launched its 5th version of Mobile Bank to further expand its services. Mobile Bank enables the users to obtain their account or card information using their mobile phones 24/7. This service enables customers to transfer funds, pay bills, top up their mobile phone lines, etc.
Note: The 4th version of Mobile Bank is compatible with the following operations systems for smart phones and tablets:
• Android versions 4 and above
• IOS versions 7 and above
This system is only available to individual customers who have IRR single accounts. Joint account holders (where they can withdraw separately or jointly) and companies cannot use this service at the moment.
Mobile Bank Services
• Internal payment orders within own deposits at Karafarin Bank
• Internal payment orders to other depositors at Karafarin Bank
• Paya payment orders
• Bill payments
• Toping up mobile phone lines
• Transferring funds from a Karafarin card to another
• Transferring funds from a Karafarin card to a SHETAB card
• Blocking Karafarin cards
• Obtaining the last 20 transactions
• Viewing the records of paid bills
• Viewing the records of top ups
• Managing accounts and highly used cards
• Viewing the status of deposited cheques in bank accounts
• Tracking personal cheques
• SATNA Services
- Payment orders: In this service, customers can make their payment orders by entering the amount of payment order, SHEBA number, name, and other details of beneficiaries, as well as the second SATNA PIN (this can be obtained via the users’ panel at branches).
- Follow up your SATNA: This service enables you to follow up your transaction by entering the transaction number (which has been created upon the completion of transaction).
- SATNA reporting: Here, you can obtain the last 20 transactions and details of each transaction, from the gateway where the transaction has been made.
• Branch Search Engine
- Find your branch: By entering the province and branch names and branch sort code, or by entering the type or the combination of services offered you to obtain geographical location of the branch that you require.
- Find the nearest branch to you: This service enables you to find the five nearest branches. This can be done by selecting each branch and its details.
• Manage Your Cheque Book:
- View your cheque book: Here, you can view the cheque books and their details such as that have been allocated to you.