Karafarin Bank Granted Silver Prize at the First Round of National Internal Auditing

Karafarin Bank obtained top ranking among Iran’s banks and the Silver Prize, at the First Round of National Internal Auditing at the fourth annual conference of Iranian Internal Auditors’ Society.

The silver prize was granted at the mentioned conference which was held on Wednesday 09 January in presence of Arbab Soleimani, the Chairman of Auditors’ Association, Gholamhossein Davani, member of High Council of Auditors’ Association, Sayeed Torkzadeh, chairman and board member of Internal Auditors’ Association as well as a number of elites and selected members of the auditing industry.
Karafarin Bank won this prize, due to its exceptional performance in enhancing internal audit. In addition, this bank earnt fourth ranking among all companies and participants at the first round of National Internal Auditing Prize.
Having mentioned the position of internal auditors in creating value for companies, organisations and institutions, Saeed Torkzadeh stated that in order to create a culture and incentives for professional competition, it has been decided to assess the performance of this association as the only professional point of auditing reference in Iran and to grant the national prize of this association to top companies and institutes throughout the country.
Having thanked Azam Saeedi, the manager of internal audit and his colleagues at Karafarin Bank, Torkzadeh stated that Ms. Saeedi is one of the most reputable senior audit managers in Iran and has an excellent track record.

Publish Date: Sep 15, 2019