Iranian Banks Increasing Deposits

More than 22,630.7 trillion rials ($191 billion) in deposits were held by banks and credit institutions during the month to August 22, according to a Central Bank of Iran report.

Financial Tribune- Total value of bank deposits increased by 4,869.3 trillion rials ($40.57 billion) over previous figures, indicating a 27.4% growth compared to the corresponding month last year.
The report also indicated 9.5% increase in bank deposits compared to end of the last fiscal year (March 2019). The report covered deposits both in rials and foreign currency.
As usual, Tehran Province topped the list of provinces with the highest deposits with lenders in the capital parking more than 12,222.7 trillion rials ($101.85 billion) -- accounting for 53.91% of the total deposits.

Publish Date: Nov 24, 2019