Karafarin Bank offers foreign currency services to oil companies

Karafarin Bank is ready to offer various foreign currency services to petroleum and petrochemical companies.
Karafarin Bank expanded the scope of its foreign currency operations, in order to meet increasing customer demands and is now able to offer a wide range of services to oil and petroleum companies, Public Relations reported.
Foreign currency services in the form of corporate banking and within the foreign currency operations division include: IRR and foreign currency loans, IRR and foreign currency letters of guarantee, opening sight and term domestic letters of credit, granting IRR and foreign currency loans (with funds coming from the National Development Fund), etc.
In line with its strategic objectives in reference with foreign currency services, Karafarin Bank renders forex, insurance, correspondent and leasing services in the form of corporate banking activities. This provides an opportunity for oil and petroleum companies to benefit from these services.

Publish Date: Jul 2, 2022