Karafarin Bank supporting the health care, food and essential goods sector

The Managing Director of Karafarin Bank, Dr Baharvandi has declared that the main business strategy of the Bank for the 1401 Iranian calendar year (2022-23) is to support Iran’s health care, food and essential goods sectors.
In a meeting attended by the Bank’s board of directors and senior managers and managing directors of its subsidiaries, Dr. Baharvandi outlined Karafarin Bank’s main business strategies for the forthcoming year and stated: “We have placed supporting the healthcare, food and essential goods sectors on top of our agenda and will hopefully fulfil our corporate social responsibilities in this regard. Fortunately, some of our shareholders and customers are major producers of foods and essential goods and they have excellent track records in this regard. Hence our strategies to support these sectors (which will contribute to Iran’s economic development) shall benefit them more than ever before. Although Karafarin Bank has always supported the Healthcare Sector, it has intensified these supporting efforts in recent years, under conditions when the people have been in dire need for healthcare. Thus, between 17% and 18% of all our operations have been dedicated to supporting the Healthcare Sector. And the share of healthcare, foods and essential goods will reach approximately 40%. This way, we aim to contribute to the welfare of our countrymen.”
He continued by stating: “In view of the fact that the Healthcare, Foods and Essential Goods Sector offers lucrative investment potentials, we plan to invest this sector.”
He also stressed upon the necessity to enhance the value chain of financial services. “The Bank’s Financial Holding Company will promptly design a value chain for its services in this sector, so that it can offer more diverse and additional services to its customers in the shortest possible time. In addition, the Bank’s subsidiaries will make plans to support the Bank in its quest to provide integrated financial services to its customers.”
“It is necessary to design and implement IT infrastructures for offering a wide range of services, in order to gain customer satisfaction.” He added.
Finally, having thanked all of his colleagues for helping the Bank meet its objectives in the current year, he stated: “Having outlined our business strategies for the 2022-2023 period, we shall and with the support of our colleagues throughout the Bank meet our objectives and contribute to the development of our country.”
Publish Date: Jul 2, 2022