Unique Safebox by the name of Agha Bozorgi Branch

Most unique branch of Karafarin Bank started to service.

Simultaneous with 23rd anniversary of Karafarin Bank establishment, new building of Agha Bozorgi branch was officially started to servic
High-ranking managers of bank as Ahmad Baharvandi; MD, Sohrab Sadeghi; Banking affairs assistant, Shahrokhi; CEO of Karafarin Abniyeh Gostar Co. as well as some

 افتتاحیه شعبه آقابزرگی

senior managers of karafarin bank participated in inaugural session.
Pointing the available potentials of the branch, Baharvandi expressed hope that hard-working personnel of the branch create well-deserved success in short period.


افتتاحیه شعبه آقابزرگی

So, Bank can benefit from the created opportunity in line with new building opening.

It should be noted that Karafarin bank has planned to equip and renovate some branches in accordance with user- friendly approach.

افتتاحیه شعبه آقابزرگی

Recently, two branches of Nahid and Taban were opened with such outlook.
Agha Bozorgi branch has a different and unique scheme as an Impenetrable Safebox.

Publish Date: Jan 17, 2023