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Banking System News

(Wednesday 11 12 19)
The Central Bank of Iran has offered 70 trillion rials ($500 million) in loans since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 21) to help emerging startups and knowledge-based companies flourish, the CBI chief says.
(Monday 02 12 19)
Economy Minister Farhad Dejpasand unveiled an online system that tracks surplus assets owned by banks and credit institutions.
(Tuesday 26 11 19)
With the launch of one-time password for debit cards on December 22, all static passwords will be deactivated, the vice central bank governor for innovative technologies, said.
(Sunday 24 11 19)
More than 22,630.7 trillion rials ($191 billion) in deposits were held by banks and credit institutions during the month to August 22, according to a Central Bank of Iran report.
(Saturday 09 11 19)
Economy Minister Farhad Dejpasand said taxing bank account earnings is not on the agenda and denied rumors that the government may do so as part of its efforts to increase non-oil revenues.
(Sunday 03 11 19)
Banks and credit institutions in Iran lent 3,821 trillion rials ($34.1 billion) during the first six months (March 21-Sept. 22) of the current fiscal year.