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Banking System News

(Monday 09 03 20)
Parliament has obliged banks to close accounts of customers whose identities are not clearly stated in the bank documents, a move seen as another step toward conforming to anti-money laundering norms and fighting tax evasion.
(Wednesday 26 02 20)
Total deposits with banks and credit institutions reached 24,242.5 trillion rials ($157 billion as per Tuesday’s forex rates) up until Nov 21.
(Monday 24 02 20)
The sharp increase in currency rates will not change the Central Bank of Iran's approach toward the market, the CBI governor said.
(Saturday 25 01 20)
Banks customers had 23,725.6 trillion rials ($182.5 billion) in deposits with banks and credit institutions by the end of the seventh month of the current fiscal year (October 22), according to the Central Bank of Iran.
(Sunday 19 01 20)
The first transactions were reported under the newly unveiled Open Market Operation on Saturday when 10,000 treasury bills were traded between the Central Bank of Iran and a bank in need of liquidity, an Iran Fara Bourse official said.
(Sunday 12 01 20)
The Central Bank of Iran officially started open market operations as part of its monetary policy to curb inflation, control interest rates in the interbank market and manage liquidity.