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شرکت کارگزاری کارآفرینKarafarin Brokerage Company which commenced its operations in the stock, commodity and energy exchanges in 2007 is Iran’s very first investment fund.
The Company is permitted by its Articles of Association to carry out the following tasks:
• Brokerage services/trading and market making such as:
o Trading securities including shares, bonds, etc.
o Commodity trading for and on behalf of other parties.
o Market making of bonds and listed commodities.
• Financial and consulting services including:
o Investment fund management.
o Marketing bonds.
o Bonds market making.
o Advisory services and carrying out initial public offering (IPO) of bonds or commodity on stock markets on behalf of issuers or suppliers of commodities within Iran or abroad.
In order to minimise its investment risks, Karafarin Brokerage Company has established four firms. Such as: Karafarin Brokerage Mutual Fund, Arman Karafarin Company, Karafarin Index Company as well as Amin Karafarin Company, the latter of which Karafarin Bank fully owns.

Address: No. 8, Saba Boulevard, North Africa Street, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98 21 22655911
Fax: +98 21 22655912
Web: www.karafarinbrokerage.ir

شرکت ابنیه‌گستر کارآفرین Established on 19 Oct. 2010 under the registration number of 386860 and national ID of 10320378127 at Tehran Companies Registration Organization, Abnie Gostar Construction Company operates in the following fields of activity (according to Article 2 of its Article of Association):

  • Investment, engagement in partnership, construction and carrying out all permissible trading transactions, contracting of industrial towns and business, office and residential buildings within the country or in abroad.
  • Purchasing land and other requirements for the construction of the abovementioned buildings in compliance with the Iranian current rules and regulations.
  • Procuring required material.
  • Importing any goods required by the Company.
  • Designing and drafting plans and rendering consulting services as well as supervising construction projects.
  • Investing and trading securities.
  • Obtaining agencies from international and domestic companies operating the above fields of activity, establishing branches and agencies within the country and abroad.
  • Establishing companies, engaging in partnerships with companies and membership of all associations, organisations, unions and consortiums or any legal organization operating in the above sectors whether in Iran or abroad.
  • Carrying out financial and business operations and transactions directly or indirectly which related to the above activities.

Abnie Gostar Construction Company’s objectives are as follows:

  • Being included among Iran’s top companies in terms of rendering high-quality engineering services, investing in management in construction, within the next five years.
  • Obtaining domestic and international standard certificates (ISO) related to the Company’s activities.
  • Fulfilling the criteria for entering the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) and Over-the-Counter Market (OTC) by transferring into a public joint stock company.
  • Improve the financial structure and competing with similar big companies and engaging in partnerships in implementing domestic and international projects.

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 53, Behzadi St., Ejazi St., Zaferaniyeh, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: + 98 21 2241 8929
Facsimile: + 98 21 2241 9011

صرافی کارآفرینEstablished in 2010-11 period in the Iranian solar calendar, Karafarin Exchange operates in trading of hard currencies, purchasing currency transfers, currency transactions as well as trading of precious metals such as gold coins. The capital of the company is IRR40 billion. Karafarin Bank is the majority shareholder of this company.
Thanks to its highly expert personnel and the latest hardware and software at its disposal, Karafarin Exchange offers a wide variety of high-quality services at the lowest rates in the shortest possible time. These services are supported by the banking network and reliable correspondent bank relations. Offered services are as follows:
• Foreign currency payment orders.
• Foreign currency payment orders to a number of European and Asian banks, where the name of Karafarin Bank’s customer is stated as the payer).
• Purchasing payment orders in other banks where Karafarin Bank has accounts.
• Trading domestic payment orders.
• Trading AED at favourable rates.
• Carrying out personal payment orders.
• Trading foreign currency notes.

Address: No. 6, 8th Floor, Karafarin Bank Building, Ahmad Ghasir Street, Tehran Iran.
Tel: +98 21 88550604
Fax: +98 21 88550611

شرکت سرمایه گذاری بانک کارآفرینKarafarin Investment Company was established in 2005-06 period in the Iranian solar calendar and has been registered at the Securities & Exchange Organisation as a financial unit. The main objectives of the company include: developing, launching, and managing various projects and industrial units. Main fields of activity of this company include:
• Investment in oil projects related to oil production, refinery, by-products and supplying required equipment in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
• Manufacturing petrochemicals and chemicals, oil by-products, condensate, natural gas, hydrocarbons and other and raw material including organic compounds minerals.
• Exploiting metal and non-metal materials and non-metallic minerals and other material and products obtained from crude and semi-crude minerals.
• Offering financial services including brokerage, market making, investment consulting, portfolio management and processing financial information of securities.
• Obtaining land for the purpose of building construction projects including residential, commercial and office buildings, construction of townships and building complexes.
• Investment in other companies and institutes.
• Participation in production projects, advisory services and managing investments.
Karafarin Bank holds an 80% stake in this company.

Address: 5th Floor, No. 8, Saba Boulevard, Africa Street (North), Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98 21 22654870
Web: www.karafarininvest.com

شرکت لیزینگ کارآفرینEstablished in 2004-05 period in the Iranian solar calendar, following an agreement between International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). Karafarin Leasing Company is essentially engaged in leasing operations, cash and instalment sales and hire-purchase transactions, obtaining agencies from companies, manufacturing of machineries and durable commodities as well as investing in the above fields of activity. The main mission of the company is to contribute to government policies in helping sustain national capital via replacing machinery, creating employment, expanding the sale of products, boosting purchasing power of capital products for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of specialists in various industrial sectors, etc.
This company is specialised in the following leasing services:
• Equipment supply for investment projects.
• Civil and mining equipment.
• Machinery, installations and equipment.
• Medical equipment.
• Heavy and semi-heavy vehicles.
• High-enduring consumable products.
• Intangible assets.
• Luxury vehicles.

Address: Units 13 & 14, 8th Floor, No. 8, Saba Boulevard, Tehran, Iran.
Telefax: +98 21 22654671
Web: www.klc-int.com

شرکت بیمه کارآفرینEstablished in 2002-03 period in the Iranian solar calendar, Karafarin Insurance Company is among the first private insurance companies to commence operations since the 1979 Revolution. The company aims to change Iran’s outdated structure of insurance industry. Main fields of activity include:
• To offer life and other insurance services.
• To engage in investment.
• To accept reinsurance from domestic insurance companies.
This company aims to offer insurance policies and reinsurance coverages in reference to issue insurance policies in the future.
Furthermore, Karafarin Insurance Company intends to achieve sustainable development and innovation in this industry, corporate governance, customer orientation, offer high-quality insurance services through state-of-the-art instruments, innovation, development of new projects to answer the needs of a modern society, provide constant personnel training, etc.
Karafarin Bank holds a 20% ownership stake in this company.

Address: No. 9, 17th Street, Ahmad Ghasir Street, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98 21 88723830
Fax: +98 21 88723840
Web: www.karafarin-insurance.ir

هلدینگ فناوری نگاه

Negah Holding; the forerunner of development of banking, financial and technological services and products 

Years of brilliant presence in banking industry of Iran, Karafarin Bank has established Negah Holding Co. in 1399 (2020) with the aim of functional improvement in tech area. 

Negah Holding is founded to make reform and evolution in banking products and service providing, and also to change the status of tech in Karafarin Bank. 

Negah Holding was established to be groundwork of balanced development, as well as suitable responding way to the customers' needs. 

Negah Holding plays role in development of banking, payment, financial and technological services & products development via Nagah Bank co., Nagah Payment co. & Negah Innovation co. 

According to approach based on specialization, creativity and agility; Negah Holding wants to make balanced, coordinated and integrated development of multiple fields of technology. 

Negah Holding intends to play influential role in Banking ecosystem. 

Address: Valiasr St., in front of Mellat Park, Nahid Gharbi St., No. 36
Tel: +98 21 22661111
Fax: +98 21 22661111
Web: www.negahholding.ir