Banking deposits account is an account which is opened by the customer’s request for keeping his or her funds by the bank. Opening an account is the first step for a relationship between customers and bank.
Investment deposit accounts
Investment deposit is a deposit which customer opens to remit his or her funds for investment purpose and empowers bank to invest the funds wherever it deems appropriate (granting loans) and to pay the interest resulted from investment after deducting lawyer’s fees. In investment deposit accounts, there’s a lawyer and client relationship between bank and customer, i.e. bank is the legal attorney of the depositor.
A) Short-term investment deposit
Short-term investment deposit is a deposit that customer opens in a bank. According to the regulations below, interest is accrued to the balance of this account. Account holder is given a book in which the credit and debit is registered.
B) One-year term and special short-term (6 month) investment deposits
This account involves interest based on specific regulations. The depositors are given a sheet on which specifications such as sum, period, name and other personal information are mentioned.