To support the customers who are active in economic sections and are in need of banking loans to promote their activity, Karafarin Bank embarks on paying loans while following requirements and regulations within Islamic contracts.
Types of banking loans across branches are:
• IRR and FX loans in the form of Islamic contracts (transactional and participatory)
• Issuing all types of IRR and FX LGs
• Opening sight and D/P LCs
• Accepting managed funds and offering loans from the funds according to the opinion of lender.
• Accepting granting loan task from FX reserve account or finance in case of “project feasibility”
In Karafarin Bank, loans are granted in various economic sections such as industry and mining, housing, building, agriculture, commercial services and export.
Types of loans granted in Karafarin Bank are:
• Granting loans for commercial affairs I the form of Mozarebeh
• Granting loans for development of manufacturing, commercial and service activities in the form of Civil partnership
• Granting loans for purchasing machineries, equipments and tools for manufacturing and service sections in the form of Civil partnership
• Granting loans for purchasing raw materials, accessories and tools required by manufacturing units
• Providing working capital required for manufacturing units through forward purchasing of their manufacturing units
• Purchasing movable and immovable assets required for manufacturing and service
• Issuing al types of IRR and FX LGs including bid and tender guarantee, good performance guarantee, advance payment guarantee, retention money guarantee, customs guarantee, payment guarantee and other guarantees
• Opening internal and external LCs
• Accepting managed funds of real and legal persons for granting loans to the order of lender