Virtual Card

Karafarin Virtual Card is a card without magnetic tape, on which account holder/holders name and 16-digit number is inscribed. This product is useful for both natural and legal persons and is aimed at transfer of money to virtual cardholder’s account.
Having received the virtual card, real and legal persons can announce the virtual card no. to their customers merely for the purpose of receiving funds through card. Hence, their customers can transfer the funds through card-to-card transfer by entering virtual card no. into destination card no. box via various electronic payment channels such as ATM, Pin Pad, internet bank, mobile bank and etc.
Features of Virtual Card
This card has no first PIN codes, expiry date and cvv2 and is may only be used for fund transfer purposes as destination card.
Receiving bills, balances and transactions connected to virtual card through Pin Pads are not allowed. To know about these, virtual cardholder may use telephone bank or internet ports or visit our branches.
In Virtual Card, it is not possible to include non-preferential account number (second and third account no.) in legal person's accounts.
To receive Virtual Card, real and legal persons may visit one of our branches and fill in the Virtual Card Service Application Form.