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“SHEBA” or IBAN is a 26-character code, designed to ease and standardise interbank transactions on a national or an international level. SHEBA, which has been developed by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI), is to be exclusively used within all banking terminals in the near future.
CBI is notified of this code via all banks, and customers are also informed of it so that they may put it to use, if required.
SHEBA is composed of three main sections. A sample SHEBA code is shown as follows:
IR 27053000000100324200001
The first two digits, which refer to all accounts in Iran, are the only parts of this code composed of letters. The next two digits are control codes and the last 22 digits are the base account number. The account holder Bank identification number (053 being Karafarin Bank’s ID number which is placed at the beginning of the last 22 digits), is a part of the 22-digit number.
By entering their deposit numbers and clicking on the calculation button, depositors at Karafarin Bank can obtain their account information via SHEBA.

Changing account number to SHEBA

Changing SHEBA to account number