Purchase Cards

The Purchase Card (ration card) is a rechargeable magnetic card, enabling the holder to purchase from stores equipped with Karafarin Bank POS machines or POS machines of any other bank which is linked to the Shetab network or other electronic portals. The Purchase Card is named and does not require the holder to have a bank account.
The Purchase Card has been designed and produced for companies aiming to pay non-cash allowances to their personnel. This card does not allow for withdrawals or transfers from electronic portals.
These cards which are issued once and can topped up according to the client’s (any given organization or company) schedule, instructed to the Bank. The holder can subsequently use this card to make frequent purchases for up to the card’s limit. Organizations can use Purchase Cards instead of non-cash benefits or coupons.
Karafarin Bank issues named Purchase Cards upon the request of organisations, companies and legal entities. Purchase Card holders can use these cards until their expiry dates. There is no limitation on the amounts in which these cards can be topped up and they can be recharged as many times as an organization (client) requires.
Purchase Card Advantages
• Enabling organisations to offer non-cash aid to their personal with ease and more coordination.
• Reducing the risk of abuse resulting from purchasing and selling non-cash coupons.
• Enabling the client to have its name and logo inscribed on the card.
• These cards can be used in all shops which are equipped with POS machines that are connected to the Shetab Network.
• The funds in this card are protected against lost or theft.
• The Purchase Card is a suitable replacement of paper coupons and non-cash transfers.
• The Purchase Card can be frequently topped up according the clients’ requirements.
• It can be used in a wide range of shopping centers.
• It can be used to make online purchases.
• This card can be used to make purchases online or through POS machines.
Karafarin Bank Purchase Card specifications
• Rechargeable and named.
• Does not cater for cash withdrawals.
• All Purchase Cards have passwords for security reasons.
• The holder can check balance at any ATM.
• The holder can obtain a mini - statement via any Karafarin Bank ATM.
• The holder can change the primary and secondary password via Karafarin Bank ATMs.
• The card holder can purchase goods and services through POS machines which are linked to the Shetab Network.
• The holder can purchase various goods and services (such a booking train tickets, etc.) and make bill payments online.
• Mobile phone lines may be topped up via ATMs.
• Valid for three years.
• Duplicates can be issued in case of loss or theft.
• Passwords can be altered through ATMs.