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Strategic Pillars

Karafarin Bank's Strategic Plan was formulated by the experts of plan and development department and was about to be implemented after it was approved by the board of directors. In order to reach the approved strategic aims, operational plans were formulated by precisely explaining the roles of bank's different units in the strategy map and with the collaboration and participation of senior managers, department managers, and the headquarters' experts. Thereafter, the plans were communicated to all bank units to be implemented.

According to the strategic approach, the important point is the coordinated insight of all the bank staff towards the main purpose of the organization and its ongoing path in achieving the desired position.

The most critical strategic components of the bank have been formulated with the focus on the themes of agility and delivering comprehensive financial solutions to customers, so that Karafarin Bank, as a financial service enterprise, aims at creating sustainable values for customers and stakeholders, based on the fundamental values of building trust, integration, innovation, enabling human capital, customer orientation, productivity, and taking social responsibility, and subsequently, the bank strives to improve the economic conditions of businesses.

strategic pillars

Achieving strategic position is just realizable with the successful implementation of the strategic plan. This process begins on the basis of consultation, collaboration, coordination, and integration in thought and action of organizational intellectual capital and is enriched by focusing on the principles of knowledge orientation in decision making and implementation, order and discipline, taking responsibility, and work commitment. Utilizing such an invaluable organizational culture, the bank would be able to reach organizational agility aimed at being a pioneer in delivering comprehensive financial solutions to customers.