Gift Card

To complement the bank’s products and meet the customer’s needs, gift cards in 13 different designs and with varying amounts are available.
Gift card is a cash card which is issued with or without name and with specific balance, allowing the holder to purchase goods and services from POS in stores and shopping centers frequently up to the card balance or alternatively withdraw cash as much as the card credit through Karafarin Bank ATMs.
The aim of gift card is promoting the culture of using e-cards instead of cash, having various choices in purchase, high security, speed and attraction of e-shopping, preparing a valuable gift at the shortest time possible and without fretting about others’ tastes, saving time in providing a gift and easy choice of gifts according to the giver’s budget.
Gift cards may be sold to any visitor of a branch including account holders and people without account in Karafarin Bank through cash payment, cheque payment and transfers.
After filling in gift card application form, customers may choose their favorite design and have their selected text inscribed on the card.
Services presented by a gift card
Holders of Karafarin Bank’s gift cards may purchase from stores POS, withdraw cash, and pay for utilities and cellphone charges through ATMs. They can also purchase from SHETAB member banks internet ports after receiving the second PIN from Karafarin ATMs. Using gift cards entails no charges and expenses.