The Commission of Information Release and Free Access released the documented report about degree of responsiveness to customers.
Monday 2022/05/23
Karafarin Bank is known as creditable and well-reputed bank in customers’ minds. Moreover, the bank is capable and powerful in terms of financial ratios, assets, Non-Performing loan (NPL), professional personnel and Human Asset (HA), low number of branches and agile processes. Meanwhile, financial group of Karafarin Bank meets the wide range of customers’ needs due to its complete financial products and services.
Sunday 2022/05/22
According to the latest economic reports and statistics released by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) facilities granted by Karafarin Bank in spring of this year grew by more than 123% compared to the similar period in the previous year.
Saturday 2021/10/30
All-round collaboration and close links between the banking sector and start-ups is a prerequisite for developing neobanking. In a meeting to assess the performance of Karafarin Bank subsidiaries, Dr. Alireza Fahimi,
Saturday 2021/10/30
The Strategic Council held a meeting in 2020-21 to review the notified plans of the Bank’s headquarters. The Managing Director, the Board of Directors as well as the deputies of the Managing Director took part in this meeting which was led by the Projects & Development Management who reported on the Bank’s accomplishments and emphasised on its plans for the forthcoming year.
Sunday 2021/10/17
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