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Negah Technology Holding

هلدینگ فناوری نگاه

Negah Holding; the forerunner of development of banking, financial and technological services and products 

Years of brilliant presence in banking industry of Iran, Karafarin Bank has established Negah Holding Co. in 1399 (2020) with the aim of functional improvement in tech area. 

Negah Holding is founded to make reform and evolution in banking products and service providing, and also to change the status of tech in Karafarin Bank. 

Negah Holding was established to be groundwork of balanced development, as well as suitable responding way to the customers' needs. 

Negah Holding plays role in development of banking, payment, financial and technological services & products development via Nagah Bank co., Nagah Payment co. & Negah Innovation co. 

According to approach based on specialization, creativity and agility; Negah Holding wants to make balanced, coordinated and integrated development of multiple fields of technology. 

Negah Holding intends to play influential role in Banking ecosystem. 

Address: Valiasr St., in front of Mellat Park, Nahid Gharbi St., No. 36
Tel: +98 21 22661111
Fax: +98 21 22661111
Web: www.negahholding.ir