CBI Surveys Changes in Iran Export Price Index (Nov 2018)

The Export Price Index in Iran stood at 938.7 for the eighth month of the current fiscal year (Oct. 23-Nov. 21, 2018), registering a 5.9% decrease compared with the preceding month, and a 240.2% rise compared with the similar month of 2017, the Central Bank of Iran’s latest data show.

Financial Tribune- The EPI index saw a rise of 162.6% over the eight-month period from the beginning of the current fiscal year (March 21, 2018) to Nov. 21, and an increase of 118.5% over the 12-months to Nov. 21 compared with the corresponding periods of last year.
EPI is primarily influenced by two factors: foreign exchange rates and global commodity prices.
The index is calculated for the prices of one or a basket of commodities in international trading, using FOB export prices.

Publish Date: Jan 6, 2019