US unable to damage Iran economy: minister

The United States is not able to wreck the Iranian economy by using sanctions, Iranian economy minister said on Friday.

IRNA – Speaking in a local ceremony, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Farhad Dejpasand, referring to the Iranian nation's resistance against the Iraq imposed war on Iran, said similarly, the US cannot damage the country's economy by imposing such sanctions.
In spite of the enemies' anti-Iranian sanctions, country's non-oil export has increased and the country is still exporting oil, he noted.
The minister said that 85 percent of the imports are raw materials, need for the industries.
The trade balance in the past ten months of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2018) proved positive, reaching 900 million dollars in Iran's favor, he added.
The US president announced early May that Washington would pull out of Iran nuclear deal and reinstate sanctions, which had been lifted under the accord.
The first round of the sanctions snapped back into place in August, with the second round, targeting the energy and oil sectors that took effect on November 5.
This is while other signatories to the deal (i.e. Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia) have thus far criticized Washington's unilateral move and repeatedly renewed their commitment to the deal.

Publish Date: Jan 26, 2019