Central Bank of Iran: $38b Allocated for Imports

The governor of Central Bank of Iran says the CBI has so far allocated $38 billion in foreign currency for imports. Out of this amount, $9.3 billion was allocated via Nima (the integrated forex deal system) and $24 billion was injected directly into the banking system.

Financial Tribune- Abdolnaser Hammati said close to €11.5 billion was traded on Nima – forex generated from non-oil export earnings.
In addition, €7.4 billion was sold [to importers] via Nima, €8 billion was offered and equivalent of €600 million was used for imports in exchange for exports for the same amount. Close to 65% of the total €40 billion in non-oil export revenues have not been repatriated to the country.

Publish Date: Mar 4, 2019