96 Million Bank Cards Active in 1 Month

Out of 340.6 million cards issued by banks more than 96.9 million, including debit cards, credit cards and gift cards, conducted at least one transaction during the first month (March 21-April 20) of the current fiscal year.

Financial Tribune- Citing data from Shapark, Iran's nationwide payment network, IBENA reported that the number of active debit cards during the period declined 8.75% compared to a month before when 106 million cards were used.
Debit cards accounted for 94% of the all the active bank cards with 91 million.
In addition, there were close to 5.6 million active gift cars during the month.
Only bank cards with at least one transaction a month were considered in the report.
The number of credit cards that had transactions during the period under review registered the highest decline at 71.79%.
Banking cards issued by Bank Melli Iran accounted for 22.20% of all active cards followed by Bank Saderat and Bank Mellat that respectively accounted for 11.29% and 11.05% of all active bank cards during the month to April 20.
The lowest number of bank cards belonged to Parsian Bank, holding 2.53% of all cards followed by Ansar Bank and Maskan Bank, respectively with 2.86% and 3.11% of the cards.
Cards issued by Parsian Bank had the lion’s share of gift and cards with 21.17%, Mellat Bank 69.3% and Bank Melli Iran had a 51.2% share of debit cards.

Publish Date: Jun 3, 2019