36% Rise in Iran's Non-Oil Trade With India

Iran traded 1.09 million tons of non-oil commodities worth $440 million with India during the first Iranian month (March 21-April 20), registering a 13.34% and 36.34% increase in tonnage and value respectively compared with the year before, latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration show.

Financial Tribune- India was Iran's fourth biggest trading partner during the period after China, the UAE and Turkey respectively.
Iran’s exports to India stood at 747,511 tons of goods worth $116.72 million to register a 15.93% and 46.78% decline in tonnage and value respectively year-on-year.
India was Iran’s seventh export destination in the world.
Iran exported methanol, ethylene glycol and bitumen to India during the month.
India exported 350,348 tons of commodities worth $323.27 million to Iran, up by 340.98% and 212.65% in tonnage and value respectively YOY. It was the fourth exporter of goods to Iran during the month under review.
Iran mainly imported semi- and wholly-milled rice, sugar, oilcake, aluminum oxide, tea and graphite electrodes used in furnaces from India.
Major products of India’s interest facing high tariffs are basmati (45%), black tea (30%), motorcycles (65%), textiles (65%), glass microspheres (45%), pneumatic rubber tires (30%), polyester yarn (40%) and woven fabrics (70%), according to Financial Express.

Publish Date: Jun 26, 2019