Iran Capital Market Trade Exempt From CGT

Trade in the stock market is free of capital gains tax, said the head of Securities and Exchange Organization.

Financial Tribune- Shapour Mohammadi said the Economy Ministry agreed to a proposal by the capital market regulatory body to exempt stock market trade from paying tax, IRNA reported.
Regulating the capital market is the joint function of the High Council of Securities and Exchange and SEO.
“In meetings to discuss the matter, the regulator had reemphasized the transparent financial performance of listed companies,” Mohammadi said.
“We also reiterated the fact that the capital market has always been the venue through which liquidity has been directed to productive sectors of the economy”.
It was on this premise that the minister agreed to the SEO proposal, he added
Capital gains tax is assessed on the positive difference between the selling price of the asset and its original purchase price. The purpose for levying this tax is to reduce the capital gain in unproductive markets.
Most governments adopt policies to inject capital into productive sectors.

Publish Date: Aug 8, 2019