Managing Director’s New Year Message

Mr. Hamid Tehranfar, the managing director of the Karafarin Bank, praised the birth of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the New Year, by issuing a statement. The statement is:

I would like to congratulate all of my countrymen, especially my Christian countrymen, the birth of Jesus Christ, the prophet of peace and friendship and the 2019 New Year.
I hope that due to the teachings of all prophets, the world shall be a more peaceful place without violence.
The mission of each and every one of free minded people around the world is to spread peace, friendship and kindness so that all people on this planet enjoy a fair share of peace and kindness, a world without violence.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Christians and the true followers of Jesus Christ the New Year and I wish them peace and kindness.

Publish Date: Sep 15, 2019