Karafarin Bank as Top 10 Companies among IMI-100

Karafarin Bank was recognised by the Industrial Management Institute (IMI) among the top ten pioneering companies within IMI-100 and ranked 10 in terms of sales returns.

According to a report released by the Karafarin Bank Public Relations Department, the Bank was recognised among top 10 pioneering companies during the 21st Conference of IMI-100 held on Monday dated 28 January 2019, which was attended by industrialists and players in production, service and trade sectors.
The Industrial Management Organisation has claimed that the main criteria for selecting top companies among IMI-100 in the last four years, include fluctuations in sales ranking. Other criteria include the availability of company information in IMI-100 rating during the last three years and the company in question, not having a descending sales trend and not being loss-making in the past one year.
Having closely scrutinised the mentioned criteria against company performance, the Experts Committee of Business & Industry, identified and introduced ten companies earning the highest points. In selecting these companies, the mentioned committee pays a special attention to the maturity levels of such companies. Mature companies are expected to demonstrate a positive sales track record or at least to maintain their current sales position.
Since 1988, the Industrial Management Institute has been releasing the rating of top Iranian companies every year, with the objective of disclosing transparent information and statistics on companies and providing general information on the country’s business environment, and assisting policymakers, researchers and managers to gain a greater understanding of Iran’s companies and economic structure and its companies.

Publish Date: Sep 15, 2019