Karafarin Bank Donates Osilometric Device to Children’s’ Hospital

By donating an Osilometric device to the “Mofid” Children’s’ Hospital, Karafarin Bank has facilitated the faster diagnosis of respiratory diseases and symptoms of the Covid 19 Virus in children.
With over 50 years of experience, Mofid Children’s’ Hospital is among the most visited children’s’ hospitals in Iran and between 700 and 1,000 children visit this hospital every day. This hospital had difficulties in diagnosing respiratory diseases of children before Karafarin Bank donated the above Osilometric device.
“Spirometers are usually used to diagnose respiratory diseases. To use them, the patient must blow hard into a tube. However, this becomes problematic when a patient has a respiratory disease, especially if the patient is a child. Hence, we needed a special device which makes diagnosis easier.” stated Dr. Sharif Torkaman Nejad, the director of Mofid Hospital.
Having thanked Karafarin Bank for this donation, he continued: “Upon using this device, the child can breathe normally and his/her condition will be detected, should he/she have any. Obtaining this device was particularly important to us, since the old devices could not detect the precise scale in which lungs have been infected and we had to conduct additional tests. The new device however, eases the whole process. We would like to thank Karafarin Bank for this valuable donation.”
Dr. Seyed Ahmad Tabatabai a pediatric lung specialist of Mofid Hospital claims that one of the most important capabilities of the Osilometric device is its ability to help doctors diagnose lung conditions arising from Covid 19, quickly and accurately. “The patient has to be trained in order to use the old devices. However, the Osilometric device which allows the patient to just breathe normally, can detect all the data required by the doctor. This device is particularly important to detecting respiratory effects of Covid 19, especially during post-Covid 19 era, when we shall be facing serious respiratory diseases.” he stated.
In fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and to encourage a humanitarian culture in society, Karafarin Bank donated the above Osilometric device to Mofid Hospital. This bank plans to continue to on the path of taking humanitarian measures in the future.
Publish Date: Oct 3, 2021