Karafarin Bank Insurance Company holds Ordinary Annual General Assembly

The Ordinary Annual General Assembly of Karafarin Insurance Company was held and in view of its capital of IRR9,504 billion, it ratified dividends amounting to IRR120.
In this assembly, which was held on Thursday 22 July, Mohammad Heydari, the Managing Director of this company presented the Board of Director’s report and stated that the Company’s performance has been adequate. “Thanks to our planning and the efforts of our dedicated and hardworking colleagues, we have succeeded in achieving good results in indexes such as profitability.” he stated.
The shareholders then approved the financial statements of 2020-21 financial period, the attendance rights of non-acting board members as well as the annual bonus for the Managing Director and the board members.
Furthermore, the shareholders selected the Etelaat Newspaper as company official gazette and the meeting was recessed and was to be held again at 9 am on Wednesday August 04, in company headquarters. It is noteworthy that other information regarding this general assembly can be accessed in the Codal and Karafarin Insurance Company’s Websites.
Publish Date: Oct 3, 2021