Karafarin Bank Unveils Morabehe Loans Service with Variable Instalment Payments

A ceremony to unveil a new banking product was held in the presence of Karafarin Bank’s managing director and its board of directors, Public Relations reported. In this ceremony which was held on Sunday 04 July, the new product known as: Morabehe Loan Service with Variable Installment Payments was unveiled.

 Having stressed upon the fact that the new products of the Bank are primarily aimed at enhancing services to clients Dr. Farzin stated: “We have carefully made plans to ensure that all our new products are offered to our customers on time.” Referring to the necessity to continuously pursue these plans he continued: “In order for this new product to succeed, it is necessary that its effects are constantly monitored so that its strengths and weaknesses are identified and thereby, its shortcomings are eliminated.” He then suggested that new products should be regularly introduced every month.
Seyed Mostafa Nouri, Karafarin Bank’s Planning & Credit Supervision Affairs Manager then continued by stating that: “This new product has many advantages compared to ordinary loans, where the debtor is required to make the payments on their maturity dates and the amount of each payment is fixed. However, the instalment payments of the new product are variable and are based on the debtors’ repayment ability. Hence, this product is far more flexible and does not require signing new contracts upon the maturity of each instalment.”
At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Zahra Eslami, the Project Development Affairs Manager stated that the Bank intends to unveil more products in the near future: “All of these products are geared towards further improving the quality of services offered to our clients.”
Publish Date: Oct 3, 2021