All-Round Cooperation between Karafarin Group & Financial Startups

All-round collaboration and close links between the banking sector and start-ups is a prerequisite for developing neobanking. In a meeting to assess the performance of Karafarin Bank subsidiaries, Dr. Alireza Fahimi,

 the Managing Director of this Bank stated: “The truth is, the banking industry shall have no future and will not be able to earn customer satisfaction without taking advantage of the services of financial start-ups. We have to move on from convention banking and to develop neobanking instead, otherwise we shall lose our market share in the not so distant future. The key role of start-ups in the development of modern banking is inevitable, as they help considerably reduce bureaucracy, accelerate the pace of services, cut costs, increase added value, etc. In this regard, establishing close links with start-ups is our priority. All our subsidiary companies take maximum advantage of ecommerce to further improve their performance and to ensure of retaining their competitive edge in the market.”

In this meeting the performance of Karafarin Bank Leasing, Karafarin Financial Group Brokerage, as well as Negah companies were assessed and the Managing Director and other senior directors of the Bank offered solutions to improve the performance of these companies, Public Relations reported.  

Publish Date: Oct 30, 2021