Karafarin Insurance meeting wrapped up with emphasis on usage of latest digital technologies.

Festival of Karafarin Insurance for Life Insurance in second half of the previous year was terminated on May 25 (4 Khordad 1401).

In this meeting which was held in Chaboksar, Farshad Mohammadpour; chairman of board directors welcomed to members of Karafarin Insurance family. Pointing to purposes and prospect of the company, he added: we should do our bests to expand the concept of the security in people’s lives.
Karafarin Bank’s assistant of managing Director put emphasis on significance of the explicit expression of Life Insurance for different people: It is obviously important to spread out the exact content of the security hidden in the concept of insurance among different population layers of the country.
The Agents should be Financial analyst
Addressing agents, the manager of Finance and Assembly Affairs continued: to present best services to the customers, you should be a professional financial analyst. It is of great importance to do Cost- Benefit Analysis (CBA) and act on the basis of economic efficiency.
Referring to the changes in board of directors of Karafarin insurance Co. in his closing keynote address, he also mentioned: board of directors acts upon its nature to make best decisions.
Congratulating selected agents, Alireza Hojjati; board member and market development manager of Karafarin Insurance Co. expressed hope for more cooperation and synergy in the way of brilliant performance of the company in the industry.
Mohammad Heydari; managing director of Karafarin Insurance co. talked about the establishment date of the company and stressed: We are here to appreciate all of our colleagues and sales network. We have precious achievements last year.
He continued: Karafarin Insurance Co. is a forerunner in use of digital technologies. Due to emerging procedures in this field, I request my colleagues to empower themselves in terms ofoptimal usage of latest technologies of the insurance industry.

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Publish Date: Jun 12, 2022