Karafarin Bank At the Top Level of Fiscal Transparency

In accordance with Fiscal Transparency; Karafarin Bank is succeeded to achieve Unqualified Audit Report issued by independent audit firm.

Unqualified or Clean Audit Report is the most precious level in terms of quality and accuracy of reports provided about financial performance of a company.

Legal independent audits and controllers confirmed the accuracy and quality of last year’s financial statements of Karafarin Bank.

Unqualified opinion or clean audit report is very important as it helps the shareholders and stakeholders to place reliance on the financial statements presented.

Being launched 23 years ago, This is the second time that Karafarin Bank achieves such significant success because of enhanced transparency as well as implemented professional and technical changes on financial statements.

Throughout the years, the subsidiary companies of Karafarin Bank achieved such significant success. Last year, Karafarin Brokerage Co., Leasing Co., Investing Co., Exchange Co., Insurance Co. as well as Negah Holding were successful and proud of achieving Unqualified Audit Report.

Karafarin Bank is well- known for its transparency and responsiveness and this noteworthy achievement proved it


Publish Date: Jul 20, 2022