Karafarin Bank; supporter of Science-Based Companies

​ Supporting science- based companies is one of the most important programs of Karafarin Bank in recent years.
Karafarin Bank has set supporting science-based companies on the annual agenda. Bank officials believe that science-based companies are able to cover the gaps in tech areas which are existent from previous years.
In line with this objective, Bank has signed several agreements with universities and knowledge - based companies.
Ahmad Baharvani; MD of Karafarin Bank emphasized: mutual agreements to collaborate and support science-based companies can accelerate the removal of deficits in tech fields.
He also pointed: undoubtedly national future trends are reliant on science-based companies.
While introducing 1401's goals and strategies of Bank, Baharvandi stressed the main approach of Karafarin Bank in terms of supporting the health area, food industries and science - based companies. Moreover; he emphasized that Karafarin Bank will accompany INIF to achieve this goal.
According to Ali Vahdat; the director of Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF), we should develop science- based economy in order to accelerate the removal of the current challenges in the country. In this way, banks can play significant roles to direct the cash flow to finance on innovative ideas.
Vahdat also introduced Karafarin Bank as a forerunner in terms of supporting and financing in science - based companies.
Publish Date: Nov 22, 2022