Karafarin Bank; Innovative, Differentiated and Transparent

Ahmad Baharvandi; MD, described Karafarin Bank as innovative, differentiated and transparent bank.

Baharvandi; MD of Karafarin Bank issued a congratulatory message for the 23rd anniversary of bank establishment
"Congratulations to responsible, capable and hard-working staff as well as respected shareholders, customers, stakeholders and beneficiaries on 23rd anniversary of bank establishment."
He also mentioned: In the past years, Karafarin Bank as a successful sample in private banking has achieved significant experiences and brilliant results on the strength of the capable and efficient human resources and also customers and shareholders' trust.
Managing Director of karafarin Bank emphasized: Karafarin Bank has put concentration to support the health sector, food industries as well as science- based

enterprises. As previous years, I hope Karafarin Bank will continue its way according to CSR and in line with actualization of production leap and development in Iran.


Publish Date: Dec 28, 2022