HiBank; The Comprehensive Digital Platform of karafarin Bank unveiled

HiBank was unveiled with the presence of Ahamd Baharvandi; MD, in 9th conference of electronic banking and payment systems.

Mid- February; after successful operations and tests, HiBank; the comprehensive platform of Karafarin Bank was finalised and released.
This digital platform is available in four versions of web, android, ios and pwa and supports several kinds of banking and non-banking services which customers need.
In addition to Internet Banking & Mobile Banking, some of the capabilities of HiBank are as follows:
- Opening account under 10 minutes for Karafarin's customers as well as for people who are not customers of the bank.
- Online changing of the account to proxy account in order to trade in Iran Mercantile exchange
- Registering and issuing Sayad Cheque
Unveiling of HiBank digital platform is along with bank's goal to become smart bank.
HiBank is based and supported by the knowledge and expertise of experienced experts of Negah Holdings as karafarin tech arm.
Simplicity, convenience and acceleration in banking operations are emphasized in the process of designing HiBank.
This efficient software can be downloaded fromHibank.karafarinbank.ir or other Iranian online app stores.

Publish Date: Feb 26, 2023